Playing games before official release date.

Found 7th Jul 2018
Good evening,

I recently pre-ordered Shining Resonance refrain from simply games

This game has a offical release date of the 10th of July.

My copy has come though the post today and I was wondering if I can play it now? Or do I have to wait until the official release date

This is the 1st time a game has come this early so I am unsure if its ok to do so.

Thank you for your help.

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Play it and stream it, get some high views on twitch!!
You'll be fine, don't worry about it.
Thank you for your replies ive popped it in and its currently installing 😁😁
You'll be fine, only problem when playing new games early is that online features may not be activated

Though I heard you may have issues if you stream the game
Edited by: "Norseg" 8th Jul 2018
Of course you won't be penalised. What copies do you think are played by those paid to do previews and such?
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