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Found 3rd Aug 2010
Hiya guys. I have a portable hard drive with hundreds of videos on that I want to play on my old CRT tv. What do I need to buy to make them play on it? I know sone DVD players allow this feature but I've no idea where to start looking. It's only an old screen so upscaling etc isn't important. Also I've read somewhere that my drive needs to be fat32, whatever that means..? Thanks!


A Weston digital TV box would play them and has a scat output (as long as your TV has a scart in, thats the long one with about 2 pins in two rows).

Fat 32 is the file system the daive uses, the WDTV will use that as well as NTFS (which let you have files over 4 gig, which is a limit of fat 32).

I can't see.mkv's looking too good on a crt ? They're usually HD content. . .

xtreamer also does it. you can plug the USB hdd into the back of the device and it connects to the tv.…spx

comes with a Red, White, Yellow cable to transfer to old CRT tv's but also has HDMI output if u decide to upgrade in the future
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Thanks a lot guys, I'll look into both of these (and a new tv!)
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