Playing PS2 Games on a PS3

We have just got a PS3 160GB, it says it should be compatable with PS2 games but we can't get any to work. Does anyone know if we need to download a piece of software or something to get it to work?



the ps3 isnt backwards compatible anymore is it?

better off asking someone with a ps3 reallly :P

Only the 1st original 60Gb version of the PS3 is backwards compatible the rest are not.

One of Sonys biggest mistakes imo (Not making it backward compatible)

One easy way to tell if a PS3 can play PS2 games is the amount of USB ports-->a PS3 will play at least some PS2 games if it has 4 (four) USB ports. 2 USB port PS3's WILL NOT play PS2 games.

Some games have backwards compatibility on all PS3s. Like Singstar, you can disc swap when playing the game, and put in PS2 siggstar discs.
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