Playing video on Nokia X6

    Can anybody help, looking for a free program that will convert my avi files to mp4 (I think!) so I can transfer movie files from my PC to play on my Nokia X6?

    Had tried Handbrake but when I transfer I only get audio and no picture.

    Any ideas?


    did the phone not come with a disc for nokia suite? my other nokias have this and it will convert the files for you as you copy them onto your phone.

    Transfer videos from your PC to your deviceWatch your favourite videos on your Nokia by quickly transferring them from your compatible PC with Nokia Ovi Suite.

    Nokia Ovi Suite ensures that video files transferred from your PC to your device are in the correct format, and will even automatically convert them for you if needed.

    To transfer videos from a PC to your device, follow these easy steps:

    First, connect your device to your PC via a Bluetooth or infrared connection, or Nokia Connectivity Adapter Cable CA-101.
    In the main window of Nokia Ovi Suite, select the Gallery tab. Now drag your videos into the Gallery window from your computer desktop or folder.
    Then simply drag your videos onto the Connected device button in the top navigation bar.
    To keep track of the transfer progress, move your mouse over the Connected device button. A pop-up mouse window appears, and the remaining copy time is displayed.
    (Note: Nokia Ovi Suite supports .avi, .3gp, .mp4, .mpg, .wmv, and .mov video file formats)…ite


    coreplayer plays most files on nokias

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    Thanks for the advice. I've got Ovi suite but couldn't find the section to convert. Might try coreplayer as I find the Ovi program laggy and erratic on my PC.

    Just checked my version of Ovi, it doesn't have a gallery function, seems this was dropped from V2 onwards.
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