Playmobil announce Ghostbuster sets - Who you gonna call?

Found 12th May 2017
Playmobil have just announced a new Ghostbusters range and they do look pretty cool.

Shame the latest film was absolute tripe :P




Full Range here

Currently all sets are in stock

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Playmobil announce Ghostbuster sets - Who you gonna call?

The 1980s?

The 1980s?

Films should've stayed there
But but but misogynists ruin it! It wasn't the awful writing, acting, script, effects or cheap sexist digs at men it was the patriarchy!

Guess what? SJW rubbish doesn't sell!
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I must be the only person who enjoyed the new film. Not a patch on the originals but I accepted it as a different film and it was a good story. Hilarious in parts and some beautiful nods to the original actors. Characters and themes. Chris hemsworth character can do one though who is seriously that thick.
Not watched the new film but really is this them tryingto muscle in on lego? Playmobil is still a kids toy unlike lego it doesn't really have a following of people who would know what ghostbusters is.

Personally I'm still waiting for hotwheels to rerelease the Ecto 1 as a standard car for between £1.49 and £2.50 in the blister pacjs, the last release was a boxset with the old and new for collections​ at £12, no way was i paying that.
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These were actually announced just before christmas but have been released in the UK today, just been to ToysRus and picked up Stay Puft and Slimer for my ghostbusters mad 4 year old!
At first look I thought it was only the new ghostbusters featured! I'm clearly a bit blind...

Awesome stuff
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Hemsworth was the only funny part in it..

Oh no he was beyond stupid.

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