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    Hi there, I recently purchased a coat from Play which turned out to be pants(I'm never trusting Plays on-site customer reviews again) and also too big.I looked at there returns policy which says I can return it within 7 days if the item is unopened, well I had to open it to try it on so is there any way of still getting the refund?
    They also say it has to be returned withing 7 days of receipt, how do they know when I received it because it took ages to arrive?

    Any help appreciated.


    I bought a jacket from Play but it was too big so gave it to my bro! Couldn't be bothered lol.

    Original Poster

    Lol doesn't really help me i've not got a brother to palm it off on.

    Do you have to pay for the return out your own pocket? I know they send you a return bag if something is faulty or it's their fault...

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    Yes it seems I will as it's technically not faulty although saying that the coats too big yet the arms are too short, i'd hate to imagine what a medium would be like.

    Phone them up, tell them you received it this morning (regardless of when you received it) and state to them the problem with the coat, that you obviously had to open the package to try it on etc...then ask them their return policy on items like this. :thumbsup:
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