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    Hi guys wondering if it possible to find me the best price on a sony ps2. I have always had an xbox but since playing "BUZZ" & "SINGSTAR" at a few parties recently I need to get myself one as those games are pure class!!! Any help would be appreciated.



    Sony Playstation 2 console for £79.89

    however would probably recommend you go for a PS3 hopefully comin out in May, an in mean time get a PSP.
    Great games an graphics on PSP an can be used a an extra controler for PS3 when it comes out.

    Im interested in a PS2 too. Anyone aware where the best deal is for console & bundle (inc Popstar?)

    Thanks :?:

    the techie guy on radio1 said that the ps3 wouldn't be out til the end of the year, at best.

    my mate got an eye toy for his ps2 and a few different games, that's great fun!

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    Obviously when the PS3 comes out the prices will drop significantly on a ps2! however i would really like to pick one up new or second hand at a decent price now. I wont buy off ebay as I have had one problem too many with paypal (no pal of mine!), and i have just lost all faith in buying and selling on there, therefore thats out the window. I would pob be better trying to pick up a second hand console in "Game" or sumthin would you agree?

    Be patient. Gamecubes and Xboxes have been seen for half price brand new so it's only a matter of time before PS2 follows them. Unless Game have had loads of people trading in their PS2's for Xbox 360's?

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    Think i will hold off. As you say it's only a matter of time.

    I'm sure it's about time for the PS2 to price crash?

    I'm hoping for a £49.99 price tag before easter

    It's mad how in 5 years, the tiny 8mb PS2 memory card is still £19.99! I bet you can get 256mb of digi camera memory for that now!!
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