Playstation 2 on HDTV

    Hi All,

    Ive just bought a Samsung LE26R74BDX and hooked my PS2 onto it.

    When I play Pro evo 6, the picture quality is terrible and the screen suffers ghosting. Is this a common feature of HDTVs with old consoles?

    Or just with this Samsung?

    or is there a cable I can buy to improve this? I currently use composite connection. Any help greatly appreciated.


    hmmm i have yet to try my ps2 on my Lg 42PC1D, but i will today out of curiosity

    What cables are you using?

    Component will give the best picture, followed by RGB Scart.

    Composite and normal scart are aweful.

    Beware when purchasing supposed RGB scart cables from Ebay - I got one that was boxed, bells and whistles and everything - was it really RGB? - was it ****!!!!

    Tend to agree with gd-meister - composite performance is poor - same as RF lead.

    Get a good RGB scart lead or a very nice component - if your tv has this connection - which it should!

    I use a true RGB scart on my 42" Panasonic and the picture looks outstanding, it must be a cable issue. LCD does usually ghost though so you might not be able to completely remove that issue.

    My friend saw my setup and was amazed how crystal clear the PS2 can look when set up correctly.

    Original Poster

    Yeah I was thinking it might be the cable.

    Thanks guys, will pick a component cable up after work.

    Hi, I had the 32" R74 samsung an it looked dreadful with the PS2, as I was using component cables. Games that I tried was RE4 and God of War, picture was grainy and pixelated with jaggies everwhere!), but never found a solution. I have now replaced the screen with a 32" Sony V2500, which i found was a huge improvement and now every is much more clearer.


    picture was grainy and pixelated with jaggies everwhere

    that's ps2 graphics for you, do not adjust your set :giggle:

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    I bought a component cable yesterday but the graphics is now very jaggy and lines are visible when playing games.

    I cant decide if component or composite gave me a worst picture. But both are pretty poor.

    Maybe its the Samsung R74 series that does this. I played Guitar Heros 2 with progressive scan and looks great, pro evo was very poor.

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    What I dont understand is why it looks good on the LCD screens at Game but not at home. surely they are using something else cos its also Samsung Tvs they have.


    I have the 32" Samsung and xbox 360 and picture is great.


    I cant decide if component or composite gave me a worst picture. But … I cant decide if component or composite gave me a worst picture. But both are pretty poor.

    It might be a stupid question, but you did change the PS2 video output option on the dashboard didn't you?

    well picture is much clearer on my sony now!, i think its the ps2 which display a poor picture and samsung sharpness is not helping, tbh I thinks its best played on a standard/component tv! As I plugged components into to my old toshiba tv, it looked much smoother! with nice colours. Sony is a better quality screen than the samsung, i only realised when i plugged the ps2 into the samsung.

    ps2 is not v.good at 480i! but 480p is much better.

    it would be great as the 360 is displaying 720p!!! Hi Def,
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