Playstation 2 (PS2) wanted

Is it still available brand new? Slim or Fat, Silver preferred.

Where's the cheapest for new or pre-owned?

Or does anyone have a like new one available?


seen them brand new on play.com, £84.99 with buzz game

there are quite few people selling them on amazon marketplace and playtrade too, fairly expensive at game and gamestaion, but gamestation may have used consoles for not much money

our gamestation had used ones for 39.99

same with Game, they had both the phat and slim ones pre-owned. 30-40 quid or something i cant remember now. so best checking the Game and Gamestation stores or ringing them up at least, as they dont show on their sites.

Theres also ]this store.. dont know much about the delivery however, but there may be a store near you.

Alternitavly, it might be an idea to start a for sale thread on this forum, as people frequently sell them .

They can still be nearer 100 new, but can be bought pretty much anywhere.

Good luck

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Cheers guys

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