Playstation 2 wireless controllers - advice appreciated!

Just found our old Playstation 2 in the garage and going to get it running for my son, but need to buy a wireless controller for it.

Does anybody know if it's possible to buy rechargeable wireless controllers, like the docks you get for the Wii?

Or does anyone know how long batteries last (decent ones) in a Wireless controller? I obviously can use rechargeable batteries but my 5yr old might struggle a bit with charging and changing them so it would be another job for mummy and daddy!

And any advice about models that are good/to avoid would be appreciated. Especially if you've seen them cheap anywhere recently!!

Thanks very much


Just out of interest, why does it have to be a wireless controller? The standard wired Dualshock 2 controllers are brilliant and can be bought for a few pounds at cash convertors/cash generators/cex etc.

You'd save yourself an awful lot of hassle by buying some wired controllers rather than worrying about rechargeable batteries.

The ps2 never had wireless controllers you need some dual shock 2 pads as above

Oops wrong again did t have them when I had one kept pulling the console off the table wish I knew lol. Get some here…htm?_$ja=tsid:11527%7Ccc:%7Cprd:5679292%7Ccat:video+games+%3E+ps2+%3E+ps2+accessories

I bought some Infrared wireless controllers in GAME a few years back.

Slightly smaller in width than a DUALSHOCK(r)2 (wired) controller, but adequate for playing during a typical car journey.

They were powered by a battery of 2 x AA cells.

The web site shows a different set (the ones I bought were in a "blister" pack, not a cardboard outer box), but they are out of stock:

PS2 Wireless Control Pad - GAME

There is also a product page for "Gameware Silver Wireless Control Pad (PS2)".

In stock, but relatively expensive at £19.56 each.

I suggest you place a "WANTED" thread in the "For Sale / For Trade" forum & see if anybody has any to sell to you.

(Sorry, but I wish to kept the ones I have).

You may be lucky & find somebody will just send you their controllers for the cost of postage.



Original Poster

Thanks very much for the advice guys (and sorry for the delay in getting back on).

Reason for the wireless ones is that we've wall mounted a TV at the opposite side of his bedroom, and don't want the wires trailing all the way across the room where baby brother would trip over them! Got a selection of wired PS1 and PS2 controllers here, but the cables aren't long enough on any of them.

Hadn't thought about posting a 'wanted' here - always been too scared to use the FS/FT as there are so many rules I'd probably break some of them! Might try next time though - thanks for all the advice fanpages.

And thanks loads for the Argos link TheJamesS - 2 for a tenner and instock for collection too - can't really beat that as they're dearer than that second hand on Ebay. So that's put a purpose to my afternoon then

Will stock up on some AA rechargeables while I'm out too I think - he'll just have to learn to get the hang of changing them.
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