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    I'm going out tomorrow to buy a PS3. I've decided i'm desperate for one. I've played the Wii and 360 and don't like them, so it's PS3 for me.

    Where can i find the cheapest/best PS3 deal on the highstreet?



    To be honest if you've played the other 2 and don't like them there is nothing on the PS3 that will grab you. At the moment it's main benefit is a cheap, good quality high definition player and secondly a games machine. That should change but the games catalouge is quiet thin at the moment. But on the high street the best deal is probably the gamestation deal. Which comes in at £400 with a free Blue ray X Men movie.

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    true, the thing with the PS3 is that, i'm pretty sure once GTA is out, the games coming will be better than promised, e.g Final Fantasy XIII etc.

    I might wait until october though now you mention it

    GTA is also going to be released onto the xbox 360 plus some games like devil may cry which was suppose to be a PS3 exclusive is also being released onto the xbox 360 as they are losing some games which were planned to be exlusive and the 360 may also lose some exclusives which could be also seen on the PS3

    I currently have a 360 and well pleased with it but may also get a PS3 later in the year once more games have been released as their is nothing that entices me to the PS3 at the minute apart from motorstorm

    some ppl are selling there ps3s on the for sale forum try that they are also doing it quite cheap.

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    thanks all i'll see the latest regarding the ps3

    go to pc world, they pricematch the top ten online shops
    Quote the amazon price and they should pricematch it

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    thanks meszog.

    i ended up buying this deal:…ion

    good choice i have resistance and motostorm there great games
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