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    Hi ppl can any one tell me a good place to buy a ps3. cheap with games or just cheap on its own. thnxs



    im afraid there isnt a such thing as a cheap ps3, i doubt you will get them much less than £399 with a free DVD and maybe a HDMI cable

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    thnxs for ur help. but i mean as a good price bought 350 or a bit higher


    £359.98 Check Out My … £359.98 Check Out My Post

    Its now £399 so this deal is expired.

    im looking for a relatively good deal, im after the ps3, resistance and motorstorm as most of the other games out I have for my 360, im not aware of any decent deals atm though, although if anyone knows any then please let me know. have the best i can find at the moment, i'm about to order mine from there, the ps3, motor storm, genji and resistance fallen man, hdmi calbe and a blue ray dvd for 474.99 delivered. and i've looked everywhere for a better deal....:-(

    someone has a ps3 on the for sale or trade forum. why dont u get that? or do u want to get it from a proper shop?

    cracking deal in Asda

    PS3 + oblivion (worth £49.99) ... both for £404

    Hold on until october(ish). I am sure they wil be down in price around that time.

    I dunno that they will. There's a heck of a lot of decent games coming out in September/Octorber. More people will be willing to take the plunge when more games are available. They're guaranteed to go down 4 seconds after I buy one tho!

    For the record the PS3 for sale in the trade forum is here:…390

    Resistance, Oblivion and the console for £399. Damn good deal, but its pickup only in Warwickshire. I'm considering it though. Take me about 2 hours to get there though.
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