Playstation 3 Bundle Deals

    Hi all,

    This has probably been covered somewhere else on this forum, but the search filtering isn't that effective

    I am in search for a couple of deals, the first being:

    PS3 Console 80GB
    Far Cry 2 or C.O.D
    All for under £300.

    Amazon did do a package deal where you get an 80GB console, LBP, Far Cry 2, 300 Bluray film and the Bluray remote for £289.99. However, I was about to buy it, and it was removed from the site :O! I have asked at various stores, such as GAME and Gamestation, and they tell me that they can only do the packages deals that they have in store, which aren't that good. Which is a bit silly really, as they have a sign on the display saying "Can't find a deal that you want, ask a member of staff" :S.

    Secondly, does anyone know of a site which lists the most up to date bundle pack deals? Any advice or help would be gratefully received


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    Cheers MANJ_007, a good deal, but as the thread said, Argos is doing the three of those games for £287.34. Ah well, looks like I've missed out on the perfect deal for me. I may have to buy the games that I want separately :D.

    in case you havnt already sorted it out, have some amazing deals on ps3 bundles. Ordered mine the other day. Cost me just under £300 and included:
    PS3 (80GB)
    GTA 4
    300 (THE FILM)

    they definitely had one with far cry 2 on there but not sure if its still there. The bundles were disappearing quite fast.
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