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Found 16th Jun 2011
I'm looking to buy a PS3 do any of you have a suggestion of were I would find one cheapest.

I have no issue with preowned consoles as long as they are from a reliable source giving some gaurentee that they work, I'm not that bothered about it it beinbg the new slim or the old fat model and memorey isn't that large of a concern for me as I tend not to download that much so even the 40gb model would suffice.


Suppose Computer Exchange would be cheaper but they are preowned than gamestation and most other stores. Very Reliable. Got my ps3 slim 120gb boxed for 180 quid. Go on the website cex.co.uk
Check out any offers tesco may be doing or other stores may find cheaper.
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im looking for a ps3 too. got rid of the fat version, looking for slim.
so far cheapest i can find is £195 for 160gb at asda. its OOS online but i think its the same instore.
i might wait a bit for a bundle

the cheapest ps3 is £140 from hmv boxed
for a 60 gig that can play ps1 and ps2 or 40 gigs for a bit less £129
but the catch is they are fat versions
good luck mate


ive got one that i would sell still got the box excellent condition,. this was bought because my hubby REALLY NEEDED it ( boys and toys) then hardly ever played it.. got a couple of games somewhere but to be honest dont think there that great they will be older as hes not bothered with it for so long.. playstation 3 60gb still got box and 2 controllers..find out games if you want
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