Playstation 3 Console order with DVD.CO.UK

    A while ago following a posting on this site I placed an order with these guys (back in May 2006), before the UK street price was

    Think I'll cancel this after they sent me an email today!!!!!

    RE: Playstation 3 Console order with DVD.CO.UK

    Order reference : 15**********

    We have now had our allocation of Sony PS3 consoles confirmed by Sony and
    your order for a PS3 is covered by the allocation. Congratulations!

    *** Please note the base package you ordered at £499.99 will not be reduced in price.

    So they're charging £75 more than the RRP ??!?!!?!?!!?!!? Are they allowed to do this?


    I know in Japan Sony didn't bat an eyelid at retailers charging above the RRP if they could sell them.

    Yes, a retailer is allowed to charge more than the Recomended Retail Price (RRP). It is however illegal for numerous retailers to agree to charge the same price since this is called price fixing.
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