playstation 3 controller ??

Ive bought hubby a ps3 for xmas and thinking of getting him an extra controller.

Ive been looking at these ps3 sixaxis ones and wondering can you turn the motion thing off? and what exactly does it do?

Would a normal ps3 controller be better for just normal use and for our son to use... ?


The sixaxis controller is the official PS3 controller. So it's the best one really.

It's up to you whether you have the motion sensor on through the options in the game, if the games allows it. It works in a similar way to the Nintendo Wii.

If you can hold off until the new year they are bringing out a new version with rumble.

I think I have a spare one of these at home. Can't remember if i managed to sell it or not.

I will have a look tonight for you if you want. Would look for £25 delivered. Its boxed and brand new. Let me know :-D

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Do i need anything like ps3 batteries and charging stuff?

Weve got a 360 and had to buy the charge kit with battery and not sure how it works with the ps3

sebas, ill see how things go with what i need for this charger and how much it all comes too lol ... thanks

You get a usb cable with your PS3 controller which charges off the PS3 itself.
You don't need any batteries or charge kit. And it can be charged through your pc/laptop aswell.

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cheers leefal!
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