Playstation 3, Dualshock 3, Headset, PlayTV, HDMI Cable

    Hey, basically i bought a PS3 from sainsburys, and its my first proper console, i've had psp/ipod touch before but they are hardly full gaming consoles. Anyway, i have a few games including the new COD of course, but i want to slowly kit my PS3 out with the accessories which will allow me to get the msot out of the beasty console i've have probably been wanting for 2 years now. Im 17 so i dont have a huge huge budget, and have to pay everythign for myself, since parents cant afford but i wouldnt expect them to pay anyway but i would like to insight and knowledge of what to get and whatnot to.

    Starting off, i need a 2nd controller, for obvious reasons, but i dont fancy paying an extra £35 for one, so does anyone know where to grab an 'official' one for like 15-20, maybe if it is like 15 i could grab 2 extra lol

    Headsets, a funamental part to online playing and without it im sure my mates will all abuse the !$%& out of me, with the general jokes and fun you can have when you cant talk back im looking for one of course attmepting to keep on the cheaper side, but dont really fancy a bluetooth earpeices hanging off my ear, so maybe something like the turtlebeach ps3 headset i have seen around, without the hefty £70 price tag, they look rediculously comfy and would love to have soemthing similar, but i do need clear sound/mic nothing shoddy from china lol...hopefully around £30 max?

    Now PlayTV, can someone explain what this is all about, currently on my tv in my room i have channels 1-5 in a very shit quality, slightly improved now i can watch some tv online through my ps3, but constant streaming will soon see some sort of sky letter popping through the door due to the stupid fair usage policy. So i presume the PlayTV box runs a bit like freeview, but some extra info would be great from someone that already has one.

    Finally, a hdmi cable for when i take the ps3 downstiars to play on the 52" plasma downstiars, since in my room i only have a 37* old box style tv with no hd support. I dot want to be paying through the roof for a hdmi cable like i seem some cost, i want somethign with good quality picture though, but you know on the cheaper end,, like £10 max hopefully


    DualShock controller go to Sony Style they were selling them for 27 otherwise try (cost 31)
    Logitech Vantage Bluetooth Headset for PS3 from cost 17.99 (normally cost 59)
    Playtv costs 39 from Argos or cheaper. Best price you will get for its good.
    Gioteck HDMI Cable for PS3 for 4.99 from
    If you buy a Dualcontroller, its a must to get the gioteck triggers best priced is pc world (instore) 1.99 , makes massive difference to games...

    Original Poster…tml
    that looks quite uncomfortable

    nice tip for the realtriggers. thanks..

    could you like mention why you chose that perticular hdmi cable, though

    and im guessing then ds3 controllers arent found cheap anywhere then

    HDMI cable was cheap and its GioTech (they make good stuff) . About the Headset its Logitech you would think it would be comfortable. DS3 are way cheaper on Ebay...European and US version work. But you get no support from Sony if dont get UK Version (Partno is the only difference)

    Get this headset.…69/ priced at 52.99 plus 4.95 for delivery or get it from at 59notes (they are better at delivery simply had real problems with royal mail strike lost 70% of customers orders because they didnt move away from Royal Mail unlike amazon, etc.)

    Original Poster

    yep thats the turtle beach headset thati really like, its priced 50-60 everywhere, problem is i cant justify such a spend on a headset

    and the gioteck for 4.99 is fake...…b=0
    read the comments form the seller!!
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