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Found 15th Nov 2009
Hey, basically i bought a PS3 from sainsburys, and its my first proper console, i've had psp/ipod touch before but they are hardly full gaming consoles. Anyway, i have a few games including the new COD of course, but i want to slowly kit my PS3 out with the accessories which will allow me to get the most out of the beasty console, which i have probably been wanting for 2 years now. Im 17 so i dont have a huge huge budget, and have to pay everything for myself, since parents cant afford but i wouldnt expect them to pay anyway but i would like to have insight and knowledge of what to get and whatnot to.

Starting off, i need a 2nd controller, for obvious reasons, but i dont fancy paying an extra £35 for one, so does anyone know where to grab an 'official' one for like 15-20, maybe if it is like 15 i could grab 2 extra lol

Headsets, a fundamental part to online playing and without it im sure my mates will all abuse the !$%& out of me, with the general jokes and fun you can have when you cant talk back lol so im looking for one, of course attempting to o keep on the cheaper side, but do really fancy a bluetooth ear pieces hanging off my ear (seems uncomfortable), so maybe something like the turtlebeach ps3 headset i have seen around, without the hefty £70 price tag, they look rediculously comfy and would love to have something similar, but i do need clear sound/mic nothing shoddy from the backstreets of china lol hopefully around £30 max?

Now PlayTV, can someone explain what this is all about, currently on my tv in my room i have channels 1-5 in a very 'poor' quality, slightly improved now i can watch some tv online through my ps3, but constant streaming will soon see some sort of sky letter popping through the door due to the stupid fair usage policy. So i presume the PlayTV box runs a bit like freeview, but some extra info would be great from someone that already has one. And whats the great benefit and if its worth it. i seen these going for about £40 in various places already.

Finally, a hdmi cable for when i take the ps3 downstairs to play on the 52" plasma downstairs, since in my room i only have a 37" old box style tv with no hd support. I dont want to be paying through the roof for a hdmi cable like i seem some cost, i want something with good quality picture though, but you know on the cheaper end, like £10 max.
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you could always try your local game or gamestation mine always has controllers in the window 2nd hand dont know what price though i never look that close. also tecos are doing cheap hdmi cables at the mo or argos is always a good place to try. we got 2 hdmi leads for our ps3 (ps3 to amp then amp to tv) and only paid £5 each and they are perfectly good enough for gaming & bluray movies..
thanks mate

anyone found any good deals on comfy headsets tho

thanks mateanyone found any good deals on comfy headsets tho

cheapest way to get the official ps3 headset is to buy socom confrontation pack as it comes with a headset, they were only £17 in argos but are hard to find in stock (item no 568/9835 if you want to try your luck) if not look on ebay you can pick up the boxed new sets for around £20-25 and then sell socom game back on again for a tenner if you dontwant it.

ebay item no 230399864596 looks a good possibility. hope this helps.
yeh thanks, but i dont really fancy having a earpeice hanging off one ear, something more like the turtlebeach looks like my sort of thing, but i cant find any chpeaer variants
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