Playstation 3 have a look

    Just look at the size of the Q for the 1st people to buy the Playstation 3 .
    Glad ive got a Xbox 360.…WtY


    hahaha it'll so not be worth it!

    I bet most of those will end up on ebay.

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    There going for a grand + on ebay , have a look ...
    eBay Item number: 170048640527]

    its disgraceful. i would skip the queue

    yeh same so would i!

    there was one that sold for $10,000

    Seems way too expensive considering you don't get any games with it either....paying for blu-ray which I doubt I'd use very much anyway.

    I'm getting a 360 this week at Virgin,getting a good deal too =)

    - Xbox 360 premium console
    - Additional wireless controller
    - Project Gotham Racing 3
    - Dead Rising
    - Out of Arcade Unlimited so are giving me £20 off any game and am going to get WWE Smackdown vs Raw 07

    Bundle price = £312.98 + £19.99 for Smackdown vs Raw 07 (usually £39.99)
    = £332.97 - 10% discount as I'm a student = just short of £300 :-D

    There was one that sold for 99c....the person meant to give it a 99c STARTING bid but instead they made it 99c Buy It Now and of course someone snapped it up!!

    eBay Item number: 280051645657

    (apologies if I am not allowed to post that, since it's an American only auction and has ended it might be OK?)

    so what happend did the seller approve the sale?

    Thats absolutely mental!

    Removed eBay links and included item numbers instead, as they're not allowed in the forums. Also, it saves moderators time making sure they're not personal seller's links

    Thanks ;-)

    Well, just looked at the ebay auction, hes lucky as he hasnt put a p+p price

    Some guy was paying homeless people to stand in queues to get tickets for PS3's for him, which he then sold on eBay. That's a brilliant business model.

    tickets? how does that work?

    Similar to the Currys and Argos collect at store offers I expect

    You get a ticket/bit of paper in store, then you can buy it there and then or come back when they are less busy.
    Like when Virgin did their 6am opening thing and gave the first 5 people a wrist band or something to indicate they would receive an XBOX360.
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