playstation 3 mobile deals?

    hi people my mobile due to finsh soon an just want to no if there any deals out there for phone and ps3 or wii on 18 month or less for around £30-£35max. is there any deals out there or not? or ps3 less than £250? dont matter about hd just console.

    thanks for your help


    try phones 4 u,was on there the other day and they were offering freebies with new contracts,hope this helps:?

    I picked up a PS3 on an 18 month contract through Phones4u 2 weeks ago. I had to ask for it though as I'd seen it on the internet& it wasn't advertised instore. It's £34 a month.

    Was passing Carphone Warhouse the other day & they seem to be doin the same offer, it's even advertised instore. The poster says it's a £35 a month contract & I'm guessing it's an 18 month contract again.

    I was looking for a similar deal. Have a huge list I have compiled of the offers and it has confused me now!
    Phones4u had a good 18 month deal on this, LG Secret, on Orange, 600 mins, unlimited texts £35 / month and £50 quidco. I am tempted.... here's the link ]http//ww…250
    Hope it helps

    * The great thing is as well they state it is delviered with mobile, so no 3 month wait like some other providers

    Try here…asp

    Cheapest deal is nokia 2610
    300 mins
    200 text
    £332.32 twelve month deal
    Select ps3 then make ie nokia then mins etc or buy price.
    You can get a ps3 Nokia 2600 a cheep phone 500 mins 375 texts £15.00 cash back
    And ps3 delivered within 72 hours.
    On a twelve month deal TOTAl £396.12

    What ever deal you take make sure delivery is straight away or within 3/5 days
    Do not open the phone until you get your ps3 delivered
    That way if they dont send out the ps3 you have 14 days to end contract and send it back with no loss.
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