PlayStation 3 owners only - downloading movies to play on the ps3

    Does anyone know how to store downloaded movies or games via a memory stick onto the ps3 ?

    I have some on my 4gb sony memory stick and the laptop acknowledges the stored movies/games however when i insert it into the slot the ps3 simply says no files in the selected area.

    Any idea how to get the ps3 to recognise these files?

    I thankyou in


    What movies or games are you trying to get onto the PS3? There should be an option to show all files (triangle or something), that might be what you are looking for.


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    yea it shows the files and the names are on there only when press right to see whats inside then it shows nothing and says no files

    it doesnt yet play divx (which most films/tv shows downloaded are) so you either need to download a converter or use tversity to wirelessly stream or wait for the Divx support which is coming soon

    If you install a custom O/S, you should be able to access DivX from there assuming the file is not supported in the PS3 O/S.

    Wasnt there like a rumour or something if you put Linux onto the PS3 you can watch Divx files?

    not a rumour- put linux and vlc player on and it'll play anything. I've got rid of my dvd recorder and living room PC and now only use the PS3, it's mint!

    I wish I knew about Linux beforehand. I'll need to format the HDD to partition it won't I?

    However if Divx support is coming soon then its not so bad.

    u can backup ur hard drive using a external. i think

    I can't believe theyd allow divx support, but i've been wrong before- I can remember saying i'd never buy a PS3 lol
    You can backup the HD with an external HD- easiest thing to do is get a cheap 2.5" case from ebay remove the HD and transfer that way.
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