Playstation 3 Super Slim HDD Change

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Found 5th Dec 2014
Can somebody help me out here, I have changed a HDD in a Playstation 3 before, But I do not remember it been this frustrating.

I have inserted the HDD but it just doesn't seem to want to play nice.

Should it not just pick up the HDD and format it accordingly? Also I have tried a couple of options in the Safe Mode part of the console to no avail.

I am not really concerned about save games, profiles, etc been saved so a full console rebuild / restore is welcomed/accepted.

Anybody have any ideas?

P.S I can confirm the HDD works fine as I used it as a backup for my work files previously.



you need the current PS3 firmware on a USB plugged into the PS3 when you start it up with the new hdd and it should sort it from there

Helped a friend this, if it doesn't play ball then booting it into safe mode and going from there helps

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Never mind, Sorted it

Cleaned all contacts, Windows only recognised it in Disk Management not My Computer, so I set it as a primary drive, formatted to NTFC, inserted in PS and away we go.
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