Playstation 3 wanted, any pay monthly options?

    Hi i want to buy a ps3 but want to spread the costs if not buy now pay later option, dont want to use a cataloge so was wodnering if there are any other options, had some issues wit ha cataloge so dont want the hassle again.



    go down to currys or comet and sign up for credit


    A mobile phone contract with "free" … A mobile phone contract with "free" ps3?

    Oh christ no! Don't get him another mobile!!!

    What about the likes of Cash Generator or Cash in a Flash if you have any close to you.

    Credit Card?



    interest free with an argos card bnpl 9 months just set up a standing order for say £5 a week come the ninth month its paid off i did this last and got a great deal plus quidco and money off only £20 but still good
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