Found 4th Mar 2007
Just been having a look around, and they still seem to be around quite a bit to actually get for release date.

Is this down to people not being prepared to pay the price or have Sony actually got it right and got enough units?

I must admit that I have got 2 in the hope that I can sell one to offset the cost, otherwise I probably couldnt afford one. I am sure they'll sell out but sounds like they would be readily available fairly soon after.

Is it also correct that the european ones arent going to be PS2 compatible?

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the european versions are unlikely to play many ps2 games but the list is not going to be released until launch day, looks like most places arent selling out


I loved my PS1 & PS2 but to be honest i don't want one of these at all. I think they've shot themselves in the foot with the blue-ray and the price of the unit. I just don't think the demand will be there for them as shown in the poor sales in Japan & USA compared to Sony's expectations.

Between Microsoft 360 being out for so long and the WII being such a great family console, i think the PS3 will be a bit of a turkey and quite a bit cheaper to pick up 6 months after release. A shame really.

I totally agree with the above poster. However that didn't stop my bloody husband pre ordering one today:viking: :viking:

Well I was wrong with my prediction saying that Nintendo know what the y are doing and will have more than enough Wiii's on launch!!!

I have now predicted that Sony will have plenty of PS3's on launch, and I dare say I am correct this time, Sony have hit themselves in the foot in the UK market when they stooped that far eastern company from exporting it's products to the UK (Lik Sangh or whatever they are called, can't be arsed to Google the correct name).

Anyway Sony don't realise that a good percentage of their (Lik Sang or whatever you call them) customers are also Sony buyers, and that company was MASSIVE around the UK consumer gaming industry.

I think a few people will be surprised at how badly the PS3 will do at launch over here.

Obviously not all to do with the above, but as stated already, this thing costs way too much for most people, it is over a year out of date in console terms and we all know how SH*T most early games are.

My banker is it will be available at launch to buy over the counter, if not within the week.
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