Playstation 40 or 60gb?

    Hi All,

    Have just been bought a ps3 by the missus for me b'day. It's one of the 40 gb ones but I realised my dad has a 60gb he uses for playing blu rays.

    Is it worth me doing a swap with my old man?

    Anyone owned both - is the 40gb really quieter?

    Can both have hard drives changed?

    I thought it would be nice to play some of my old ps2 games (as the ps2) games, but suspect backwards compatibility will not be that important with all the new games coming out soon.

    Any thoughts?




    not sure abuot PS3's but there are a hell of a lot of good PS2 games!!


    If your Dad is only using it for blu-rays, do a swap. There won't be any difference to him and you;ll be able to play most of your ps2 games. I'd guess this would cost you about £70-£100 extra if you wanted to trade with anyone else and you also have the benefit of knowing the condition of the other ps3 beforehand.

    A no-brainer if your Dad is up for it. Would he even notice ?

    Don't know if there is a noice difference, my last 60gb was silent, whilst the xbox 360 was constantly humming.

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    Thanks for the info.
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