Posted 18th Jan 2023 (Posted 6 h, 7 m ago)
We’re would be the best place to trade in a PS5 digital version. Bought on release. I am searching online and CEX are offering £91. Which seems very low. Game I can not find a price for. Then there is some online company’s. But not sure which to trust. Thank you in advance for help.
My son has already bought a new disc version. So don’t really want to trade in for credit.
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    Flog it on Gumtree somebody will snap your hand off. Shocking price £91
    Due to demand being far less than the disc version Cex pay on demand

    they only pay £57 for the series s as well  (edited)
  2. Avatar…ion

    Easy to deal with and quick payment. I've happily sold to them many times and they are fine... I'd just never buy from them after hearing those horror stories.

    Anyway they'll give you £195 and free postage to send it in. Or I believe you can drop it off at some Asda stores too.
    Until you send it to them and then claim item is damaged and they will change their offer to £5 (edited)
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    £91 Got more than that for my knackered PS4 Pro before Christmas. If nothings wrong with it sell it on ebay for the best price.
    Or maybe try AV Forums in PS5 classifieds.…80/ (edited)
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    That is a bad price from CEX because they are selling them for £350! Always pays to shop around whether you are buying or selling
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    try facebook marketplace, see sold prices below; You should be able to get a decent amount and cash on collection, show them it working before they leave…lse (edited)
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