PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale for PS3 and Vita for free?

Found 19th Feb 2017

Just saw this on the PSN, it says this game is free, and its crossbuy with PS3. I purchased this in the past, but I also purchased Sonic racing and that doesn't say Free next to it.

If you have a vita, jump on and check, I thought it was odd this said free and sonic didn't!
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it was free on ps plus at one point so maybe that's why
Showing as free for me on the Vita (grabbed it on PS+ at the time)
£10.99 for PS3, wasn't crossbuy then, looks like it isn't now either.
not free for me just checked my vita
PS3 and Vita show purchased for me, not a game I would purchase. So defo PS+ freebie with cross buy.
Cross buy depending on which way you got it.
Hmm, shows the price but let me download it on PS3 after all. That's a result then, Vita experience was too small for me, I'll have a go on the PS3.
Pretty sure it's the cross buy feature from ps plus.
I've never joined ps+, but like I say did purchase this on Black Friday year before last, haven't tried to download on my PS3 yet either. No idea what's going on but glad a few people had some luck at least!
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