PlayStation Home can be shared needs no activation

    PS3-Sense writes "Since the launch of PlayStation Home 1.0 the service knows the possibility to be shared. The DRM-value of PlayStation Home is set on public so it needs no activation. Its also possible that if your in the Japanese Home beta to play on your European PSN-account. Since regional travel is still possible."


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    anyone wanna test it...send ur invite code to someone u trust and check if they can download it...


    lol you sound desperate mate

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    lol you sound desperate mate

    lol ...if i come off sounding desperate then i'm sorry but i'm not:thumbsup:

    jus letting ppl know that the code they recieved can be passed on for someone else to use...i thought some ps3 owners would like to know!:)

    Are you sure it's just using the code and not the game sharing method?

    It really means those of us with firmware below say 2.40 or 2.42 can install Home without a key or sharing account details.

    Managed to download Home by using the age old sharing ability (logging in with another account that has downloaded Home previously), it works fine.
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