Playstation Home launch delayed....

    From the BBC website

    Sony is delaying the launch of the Home online world service for its PlayStation 3 console. Originally slated for an autumn launch, Home is a virtual world in which owners of the PS3 create avatars and socialise with others.

    The social networking system is a key plank in Sony's strategy to win customers for its game gadget.

    Sony said Home would now be launched early in 2008 but gave no specific date for its release. Sony said the delay to the Home service was needed to improve the quality of the finished product.

    "This is going to be a worldwide service that needs to offer a wide range of functions required in Japan, in the US, in Europe and in Asia," said Kazuo Hirai, Sony Computer Entertainment head, in a speech at the Tokyo Game Show.

    Mr Hirai also remained tight-lipped about widely expected price cuts for the PS3 but said it was improving the line-up of software for the console in a bid to attract customers.

    With Home, Sony hoped to cash in on the wave of interest in online communities that have made successes of websites such as Second Life, MySpace, Facebook and many others.

    Via Home, PS3 owners could socialise with other console gamers and acquire and decorate their own virtual home.

    The news is another blow to the fortunes of Sony which, until the launch of the PS3, dominated the console game market.

    Now it trails third after Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii. Figures released for US sales by the NPD Group show that in August Nintendo sold 404,000 Wii consoles, Microsoft sold 277,000 Xbox 360s and Sony sold 131,000 PS3s.


    if your paying so much for a ps3 why waste your time on something like myspace? just go on myspace. Trying to cash in on 2 markets like online gaming and social networking at once is pants, sony's on its ass.

    The sheer mechanics of it seem mind blowing, it can take forever to set up a my space page via your pc, imagine trying to do it with a PS controller :lol:

    Have you actually seen any of the screenshots or videos about it?

    It far from being MySpace to be honest. I think it looks really impressive!

    Home is good and everything, but its not really for me. Im not into the Myspace / Facebook type of stuff. But those two communities are huge, and if Sony do it right, they will have somthing very big in their hands.

    Besides, im more interested in Little Big Planet - my most anticipated game.

    Think of it as the Youtube of games.
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