Playstation move, is it worth buying

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Found 22nd Oct 2010
Playstation move has been out a little while now just want to know if it's worth buying, was it just fun for a while, we already have the wii, should I just buy the new wii party game or should I get the Playstation move? Also should I buy the 2 controllers


I would wait for some decent games. I was tempted, but after the intial fuss, it doesn't seem to be going anywhere at the moment.

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Have heard it mentioned since the day of the launch, so that's why I was asking, thanks saint for you input.

bought it using littlewoods £20 off code. have tried the demo games the sports one is ok.

personally wait for some decent games to come out

It is 'like' a wii but with better graphics and better accuracy.

Just because it looks better doesn't necessarily mean it will be better as Nintendo are the king of the gimmicky mini game. I do like the potential for shooting gallery games as I used to love them.

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That's it then I was tempted to buy it so that I could use it with heavy rain, But I think I will not bother now, cheers guys


I'm enjoying the move but strictly as a family gaming thing. My 5 year old loves playing start the party with his mummy and daddy.


absolute waste of time in my opinion the wii hasbeen there and done it all fiirst, for the same price of the gear and a few controllers you can get a wii which has a multitude of games allready out made solely for motion control and allows you to experience exclusives on the differing consoles...

no brainer for me

Im looking forward to the upcoming releases. Some good looking games tailored for the move so worth the wait for me. Perhaps hold off for a little atm though as lack of titles. Saying that ive got the kids one each for xmas with start the party and sports champions.
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