PlayStation Move motion controller price in Sainsburys?

    Good afternoon people.
    I bought the PS Move starter pack yesterday and I love it. But I already want a second move controller. Does anyone know the price for them instore at Sainsburys?



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    £39.98? What, just for one Motion controller? I'm not talking about the starter pack by the way, just the controller on it's own.

    oh sorry. Not sure they do them there didn't see any.. but then again I wasn't looking for them
    Maybe give them a call

    btw have u tried the shooting game... so kool >_

    doubt its tht much rrp is only 34.99 isnt it? :P

    tesco instore if it helps you at all is £28 odd, so wont expect sainsburys too much dearer could even be cheaper

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    Thanks for the replies guys. Much appreciated. And no haven't tried the shoot yet. I will do a bit later though. I'm loving the Table Tennis on Sports Champions though.

    i work at sainsburys and im in tonight so ill check if you want and report back around 10

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    It's ok now. I picked one up from Blockbuster in the end. Thanks anyway. Appreciate it.
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