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    Hi people. Is anyone else having troubles logging into the PSN on their Vita or PC? I keep getting this message ‘The password is not correct (NP-8101-0). But i haven't changed my password. Kinellll!


    Just tried on PS3 and Vita. Mine is ok.

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    I hope I haven't been hacked

    its sony, your bound to be getting hacked
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    I had t his problem, left it for 24 hours and worked fine again, I was told (but take with a pinch of salt) BT are having DNS issues across the UK and its causing password authorisation issues on some websites.

    Actually, youre right.
    I can log in and do most things but when I go to the store, I get that error.

    I had this over the weekend. PSN Store, PS4 and Vita all said the same thing, so I just reset the password. Nothing seemed unusual like money taken or anything similar.

    I had this problem too once. I just reset the password and it was fine then. Nothing unusual had happened to me either like moose109 above said.
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    seems I bought a lot of stuff on the 27/06/2014

    31 pages of content supposedly according to sen store bought on the 27/06/14
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    It worked fine last night without changing my password X)

    Yep, I had this problem as well OP, my PS3 signed in perfectly, but web store and VITA didn't, so I just changed my password again and all is good, just change your password and if you can't remember your date of birth that you entered when creating the account, contact Sony and they'll help you out.

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    My vita is all good now thanks, no problems and didn't have to change my password either. I can always remember my date of birth too.... i'd be worried if I couln't remember how old I was
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