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Posted 15th Nov
Hi All,
Just sharing what I have found out the hard way.

If you are a parent and manage child accounts on PSN, be careful when redeeming Game vouchers on your account. I had bought a voucher for Apex coins for my child but couldnt see how to redeem it on his account. I looked up their help and found this link. Based on this, the voucher was redeemed on my parent account with the intention of the child account then using the coins/funds. BUT Please note Game Vouchers are different to what has been suggested here and should only be redeemed on the child account.

PSN does say that the voucher cannot be transferred between accounts.
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You cannot transfer the funds from Master (Parent) to Child account, but you can set a limit to the amount a Chlld can spend on a monthly basis so your Child account user can use the funds on the Master account.

Visit the "Account Settings", then "Family Management"...

[…nt/ ]
[…nt/ ]

(If prompted for security credentials enter those of your [Master/Parent] account)

Click the Child account & wait for the page to update to show the Child account settings.

Look under the "Network Features" heading...

Click the [Edit] button next to "Monthly Spending Limit", change to a desired maximum amount, save the amendment, & then ask the Child account user to re-try.
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Cheers fanpages.
This is exactly how I thought it would work and I went through those steps BUT the above method does NOT apply to game currency vouchers. PSN does not allow you to share the game currency (e.g. Apex coins) across accounts.
The above method will work for normal funds.
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