Playstation Network problems

    I have had problems over the last couple of weeks. Before that my online gaming was perfect, but i cant get through a game of Fifa now without it cutting out and getting awarded the loss all the time! Anybody else had any problems?


    when u test your ps3 internet connection from the ps3 do u get any dns errors as if u do then u just need to point your dns to a public one rather than your routers dns setting as i had this problem for a bit until i found a public dns now everything seems fine

    Yep the PSN is being very annoying lately, I've had a few days where I have not been able to log in at all, all of yesterday I could not log in.

    i've never been able to play online,lucky if i can download something without it timing out,:x

    fine this end :?

    most don't bother with a lan connection though

    If anyone gets any DNS errors then manually change your DNS setting on the PS3 to one of the below as it worked for me after days not being able to go online it was getting very annoying

    For those of you still having problems unfortunately there is nothing … For those of you still having problems unfortunately there is nothing Sony is going to be able to do for you it is a ISP issue to bypass this issue you need to repoint your DNS away from your host. There are many services out there that offer free DNS routing for instance --- OpenDNS is one there information below.Change your DNS settings to the OpenDNS servers: information taken from offered free from them

    Info taken from


    I get problems with COD4. When playing online i can get one game completed, but after the game ends, the screen goes blank and i dont get my 'service report'

    COD5 works fine though

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    Iv used the wired connection fine for the last 5 months, hardly had a game cut out. First I thought it was the broadband, but this only happens on the playstation. My thought is that maybe the last update was a little dodgy

    Seems they have fixed the PSN issue now, UFC works very smooth online,
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