PlayStation Now - your feedback

Posted 12th Jan
Anyone uses PlayStation Now?
If so what's your feedback and would you recommend?
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Yeah it's good but when you playing street fighter with me?
Yeah I really like it for £40 a year (shopto/cdkeys).

Got big names like God of War, Bloodborne, Last of Us, Horizon etc and it let's me try out games I wasn't so sure on like SOMA, Battle Chasers: Nightwar and Resogun which I would have passed on otherwise but I ended up really enjoying.

Edit: worth noting that some of the big titles are only available for a limited time (3 months maybe?) - God of War and Horizon out of the ones I mentioned included
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If you're new to PlayStation (or don't have a PlayStation), it's not a bad offering...
Being able to play the PS3 back catalogue and a few decent PS4 titles (among a lot of shovelware) is great if you don't already have a mature game collection and even better if all you have is a Windows laptop because you wouldn't get to play a lot of these games without the subscription

If you had a PS3 before and/or have had a PS4 with PS Plus for a while, you'll have played almost everything in the sub already, making it bad value.
Also, in my experience, game streaming reliability on PS Now is among the worst out there (go wired where possible) - you will find yourself pausing your game fairly frequently, to allow the stream to catch up. This is nearly tolerable for single-player games but completely unacceptable for online multiplayer games
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