playstation phone coming soon



    Engadet broke it first

    we need pics. its bascially a psp go with phone functions

    nvm found some.
    Edited by: "ALICOM007" 27th Oct 2010

    Those photos seem to be from a 2008 magazine, so unlikely to be legit.


    I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking the idea of a PS phone is doomed to fail. Just like every other "gaming" phone before it, it will struggle to find an identity as people would associate it as hand held that makes calls rather than a phone that plays games.

    If Sony did this right it would be good, but they won't. That isn't a dig at Sony as a games company just that they often come out with decent stuff then find some way to cripple it.

    If the Sony playstation phone was the benchmark specs wise that certain games had to match and if you had an android device equal to the task they could be purchased and played then that would be a big boost to Android and to Sony but you know they (Sony) will likely limit the games to their device only and sell about three.

    Those pics are definitely not real I've had them saved to my HDD since they came out in 2008. They were just knocked up as an idea as to what a PS phone might look like.



    its bascially a psp go with phone functions

    Imagine the mark up. Apple put a pretty crap phone in an ipod touch and charged twice as much. Sony Ericsson are struggling to make decent phones these days. If Sony go it alone it's not going to be up to much.
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