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    If I sign up to a plus subscription now for say 90 days, will the sub end the exact same time in 90 days? Or does it take a day or two after it's expired to come off your account? Thanks.

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    i think it lasts for 90 days, remember to knock auto renew off though

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    So there's no overlap? Reason being is that I was going to sign up to the US plus tonight to get the discounts but figured I should wait until the next update to sub so that my 1 month sub will last over the next 4 PS updates to ensure I get the best use out of it.

    It will end in exactly 90 days from when it starts. So on the 91st day you will no longer have it.

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    Ok thanks

    if you already have an account on ps4 with plus you can use any account to play online regardless if it had plus or not . hope that helps
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