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Found 9th Jun
Morning, I bought a 15 month playstation plus subscription yesterday for my son. Im trying to add it now. Can i only add it to my husbands (primary i think) account or my sons instead.
And whoevers account it goes on, can both users access/use it? Thanks in advance for any help
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We added it to my primary account and the problems started as our son could not access when he logged in to his account. We emailed them for support and a possible refund so we could buy a subscription in our sons account. We got a reply saying we need to change account settings which we did but never worked so emailed again. Then we got another reply saying that the first instructions were incorrect so we changed settings again but it never worked. 24 hours later it started working and my son could access online games as any changes you make to account are not instant it seems. To answer your question you can buy access in the administration account and all other accounts on ps4 will be able to use it but boy is it complicated. We needed separate email accounts and passwords and I myself have spent several hours trying to work it out. Think I would email there support and get instructions and advice before you do anything although you could get a reply that may not be correct. Or just have one account which is the simplest way and what we would do.It's all very unclear and complicated
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Add to the primary account. This is a master account basically. Anything that's owned on that is shared to other accounts on the system (only shared. They themselves do not own the product to use else where. Just that console).

Your son's account will of course need to be registered as a psn account (or as they call it a sen.a - Sony entertainment network account). An email address set up is required for online use as well (you've may of done this already).


Tbh it doesn't make much difference who has the ps+ on which account. As you can just set up either as primary and share it.
Thank you very much for both replies. Im going to add it to my sons then to stop any problems occuring. Am i right in saying i go to the playstation store and to redeem code to add it on?
We did it on pc while logged in account. I think you maybe better doing it on the playstation. Might be instant access that way as wasn't when we activated on pc
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