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PlayStation plus offer

Hi, was wondering if there is a regular time between when the PlayStation plus goes on offer?

Noticed the last offer was a couple of months ago so wondered if they are evey couple of months or is it random?

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  1. Toon_army's avatar
    Black Friday, Christmas and the odd one in January it seems
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    Don't forget the June deals.
  2. jimmyk1889's avatar
    Thanks, thought they were every couple of months. May have to just bite then
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    Ideally you should try and get your sub in sync with one of the expected offer months which may mean buying a 1,3 or 6 month sub to get in sync for future offers.

    Your sync is kinda wonky and would require to buy a few 1 month subs to try and fix this.

    Last year Sony's Days of Play was held June 2nd to June 12th so there could be a 25% off offer around that time this year, but make sure your sub is EXPIRED if you try for that. (edited)