Playstation Rewards help

    Does anyone have a direct number to them

    I brought a PS3 slim from them and need to return it for a replacement. I have only had it for 2 days lol

    sound on it via optical keeps cutting out.


    I can't find anything on their website to call them but you can email them on [email protected]

    EDIT: ignore that, just found this:

    PS3/PSP HardwareIf your Sony Playstation console has a fault, you can … PS3/PSP HardwareIf your Sony Playstation console has a fault, you can contact Sony Customer Services team directly who will carry out a full diagnostic check and may be able to rectify the problem without having to return the unit or arrange for replacement or repair.Tel 0844 7360595 (Calls are charges at local rate) or you can visit their website for online assistance by clicking the below link:

    According to saynoto0870 the local rate number is 01923 476426 (in case you want to call from a mobile)

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    I haven't got a email back from PSR yet but I did ring Sony as that what it says to do on there site.

    the guy seem to know about Playstation reward he said the optical problem might be my setup with cant be true as I didn't have the problem with my phat PS3. but as I had other problems with it to return it to them (Sony) for replacement.

    I have a feeling that PSR will just say to contact Sony CS like it says above.

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    The blu ray drive is gone on it now as well cant believe it I possibly haven't used it for longer for an Hour in the 3 days I have had it.

    The optical problem may well be your set up, the sound is handled slightly differently on the slim PS3s and they can handle a few extra formats though I'm no sound buff so couldn't help with that...
    If the blu ray has gone as well then you should definitely be able to send it back to where you got it. try emailing them with the blu ray fault, they can ignore an optical fault but if the blu ray won't work the console is useless!
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