Playstation technical help please, cant get signal?

    Good morning
    Wonder if anyone can help with this.
    My sons usually play their play station on the TV inthe kitchen. All was working well using a HDMI cable.
    They then took play station in to the lounge for bigger screen and it worked totally fine.
    When they have gone back to smaller TV it no longer works. When we plug HDMI in we can hear the usual playstation start up noise (like an orchestra) but there is nothing on the screen only the small words 'no signal'.
    I have done the usual checked their connections, turned it off and on and still exactly the same. Also taken it back to lounge and still works on there.
    The TV itself is working. I presume it can't be the play station as this works fine in the lounge. The only thing I can think of is the connection on the back of the TV has got damaged but that seems a bit unlikely.
    Wonder if anyone has come across this problem.
    Thanks in advance.


    You can press a button on the front to force tv detection.

    Googling it now.

    Unplug HDMI press and hold the power button on the front for 5 seconds (until it beeps), reconnect HDMI and it should auto detect resolution.
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    With the PS3 in standby, press and hold the front on/off button on the PS3 (not the gamepad) until it beeps twice.

    This resets the PS3's video to the standard setting.

    Probably find that the big TV had a higher resolution than the small TV and PS3 is stuck in that mode.

    Hope that helps


    Turn on the PS3 using the on button on the PS3, but keep your finger pressed down until you hear more beeps, it forces it to reset the display settings, enabling you to set them again.

    EDIT, dammit lol, 1 minute faster.
    must type quicker!
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    Original Poster

    Thank you all very much. As soon as the boys are in from school I will do as you suggest. Fingers crossed. The smaller TV is older so you may be right about the resolution.
    You may all have kept peace in the house.
    Thanks x


    It might be worth using the cable that came with the PS3 instead of the HDMI, just to get the display working, then re-connect the HDMI and go into the Display settings, it should then detect it ok.
    Let me know how you get on!
    p.s. I've had to do this once myself, but can't for the life of me remember what i did (apart from holding the on button!)
    pps. cat avatars unite!
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    Original Poster

    Thanks a lot that worked straight away, didn't need the original cable but will bear that in mind if it happens again. I now have peace in the house. Well until my two start rowing about which game to play.
    Thanks ever so much.
    p.s sennasnit your avartar is cuter. Mine looks a bit grumpy, bit like myself when the kids moan.


    lol, he doesn't always look that cute/happy, specially when he's fighting with his sister.
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