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Found 14th Apr
Help needed please !
Right then I have created a psn USA account
I’ve put 10 dollors in there
I’ve purchased the two of us $7.99
Now I can’t find a way of putting my new account on my PS4 . I want to keep my current account on there as the main one and just have my usa one as a second user account . I can only find a way of putting another account on there if I create a new one on the PS4 itself. I know there must be a way as there are always deals posted for the usa psn network . Thanks in advance
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Do you automatically log in to you’re PS4 account? If so just log out and there will be the choice to log back in or sight in with another account.

If all else fails.....YouTube
"...I’ve purchased the two of us $7.99..."


I suspect you may have bought "The Last of Us"...

33639463-GGZOQ.jpg has a guide to purchasing content from the North American PlayStation Store for use on a PlayStation 4 console with an existing EU-based PlayStation Network account:

"PS4: How To Buy US Digital PSN Games"
(27 November 2013)

Many other guides (blog articles & video demonstrations) are available from other sources.

There is also a thread below that was created prior to the PlayStation 4 console being available, but some of the comments may be useful to you (especially regarding currency conversion & region-specific downloadable content):

"Creating a US Playstation Network Account?"
(@SamRawr - 18 July 2011)

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Turn on ps4 > hold home button (ps button on the controller) > go down to power > change user > create new user > pick create user from existing account > use the details for the USA account you own > set console to primary for that account.

Log into USA user account > store > library/my purchases > last of us > download > switch to UK account > play.
Thankyou for all the help all sorted . The part I got stuck on was create new user , I thought I don’t want to create an account I already have done a usa one I just want to log in but obviously you have to go down that route to be able to log in , but thanks again everyone
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