Playstation VR should I buy now

Found 17th Nov 2017
Been waiting for a price drop on Playstation VR is the experience any good or is it a waste of cash.
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Probs best waiting a week or so until Black Friday most deals will be out by next Friday
Do you buy version 1 or wait for the new one?
The current drop and deals are a clearance of rev 1 hardware. £205 is what retailers are paying so dont expect anything less than that unless someone decides to do a loss leader.

Once these rev1 hw is gone expect prices to shoor back up
Doubt the prices will get Much lower than the £249 deals around Now, id be looking for retailer discount codes to see if you could get the price down lower that way, you may get a 10-20% discount somewhere or money off a first purchase from one of the catalogue sites like very.
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