Need some help trying to find a good playstation 3 deal.
    they all seem to have dried up at the moment.
    ideally looking for the best priced bunle just now.
    thanks in advance.:thumbsup:


    Do you want 40 or 60GB?

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    Do you want 40 or 60GB?

    looking for 60 cheers:thumbsup:

    Ok Argos have a 60GB one with 2 games for £350…htm

    same price here with 2 games at Toys r Us…Tru

    and Game…068

    I think most places is the console with 2 games but depends what games you after for who you go with.

    About 2 weeks ago I got mine from Blockbusters with 3 games - Fifa 08,Some F1 one and Heavenly Sword,think it was 2 wks ago it might been 3 wks now? It was when they did the pricedrop thing,same wk.
    Anyway my partner got the last 1 instore,there was this guy who came in asking as he was paying and they said to him all gone.
    Virgin Megastores had similar offe too instore but I don't know if they still doing it instore.Some places are offering blu ray films aswell as games in their bundles. Overall I would say its about £350 for 2 games and the console almost everywhere.…294

    This is not too bad for £400 as you get an additional controller ( I've just paid £28 for an extra 1 at yesterday ) and you get choice of 2 games and pro evo 08 and 2 blu ray films.

    wooloworths have also got the ps3 with 60GB and 2 games for £349

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    thanks folks.:thumbsup:
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