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    Long time lurker but newly registered user here. I'm after a PlayStation 3 and trying to get the best deal. So far, a pre-owned GameStation 40GB one at £229.99 seems like the best value - is the 40GB one worse than the 80GB one other than for storage?

    I'm also planning to buy an extra controller and some games (eg. Fifa 09, LittleBigPlanet, Call of Duty 4/WaW) so any bundles are great. Not bothered about box-damaged, pre-owned etc., just looking for the best deal.

    Thanks a lot,


    PS: If there's any plans for a new version, do let me know because that might influence my decision to buy now or later.


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    Have you had any experience with BuyItHere? Are they a reputable company?


    Have you had any experience with BuyItHere? Are they a reputable company?

    yes good company they are a part of the choices uk group i think :thumbsup:

    Could wait til april or after as theres rumours of a price drop with the 80GB dropping to around £229.99,


    i've got one for £260 - 80 gb with killzone 2 and resistance 2

    yes ive heard this about the price drop too. my brother recently got one from blockbuster with hdmi cable little big planet, have and rainbow 6 vegas for £299.

    I have an 80GB one £250 ? Basicly Brand New

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    Will probably buy the box-damaged one from BuyItHere for £224.99. Only problem is delivery, it says to expect delivery in 10 days, which is a lot longer than I'd expect to wait. Is that just what they say to be on the safe side or is 10 days realistic?
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