please advise

    could somebody please explain the complete process of using Quidco, from start to finish taaaaaaa, joe.


    log onto quidco

    then search for the retailer you want to use for exmaple click onto from the quidco website, buy what ever it is you are buying just like normal

    Then the money should get validated and paid into your account but this can usually take some time

    u order via them they get a commision paid from company u buy from, they give this to u . thats it hope that helps

    Open a quidco account
    See somefink you wanna buy on a website (or instore for some stores)
    Go to quidco
    Log in
    Find the store in quidco
    Click on the link to store
    Buy your item
    Quidco pay you your commision money into your bank account

    Simple free money

    You have to pay £5 a year fees but this comes out od savings, no savings no fee.

    Also see topcashback for the same but no fees.

    create account
    go to merchants via quidco website
    buy something
    you get email when quidco money is "tracked"
    3 months later (average) these tracked transactions become paid
    cash paid into your bank/paypal.

    1. Clear cookies (get all this HUKD tracking junk out of your system)
    2. Register
    3. Review terms and conditions
    4. Note the part that says that Quidco will charge you £5 "admin" fee, to pay for Admin's shiny new car
    5. Look elsewhere
    6. Clear cookies
    7. Register at [url][/url] instead, where you don't get the annual £5 "admin" fee that Quidco charges
    8. Log in
    9. Do the Tracking test, just to be safe (Overview > Test Tracking > click the button)
    10. Search for your retailer
    11. Enter retailer's site via the tracking link
    12. Buy as you would normall
    13. Cashback fee should appear on your account overview within a few days, or sometimes weeks.

    Hope that helps.

    hi joe,i also use topcashback same thing as quidco. my other reply sounded a bit abrupt didn't mea it to . cheers eddie

    The cashback process is broken down into several stages as detailed below (you can see your transactions go through this process in your account):

    Tracked - this means that your purchase has been tracked but not yet validated by the retailer and there is no guarantee at this stage of cashback being paid. You will receive a confirmation email every time a purchase tracks into your account.

    Tracked*- this means that the retailer will not explicitly validate your purchase. Unless it is declined, this will change to "received" when we receive payment from the retailer.

    Validated - this means that the retailer has agreed to pay cashback.

    Declined - this means that the retailer has declined your cashback.

    Received - this means that Quidco has received the cashback for your purchase.

    Paid - this means that the money has been forwarded to your bank account or PayPal account.

    This whole process does vary by retailer and it can take up to 120 days from the date of purchase for payment to be received. on your chosen retailer (or type in 'search')....see the appropriate discount available AND THE TERMS of discount (e.g. no further code is applicable or you'll lose the % cashback).....take your 'cookies off' then click on 'go to retailer'.....browse and buy. Always check next day to see if Quidco has recognised your transaction....some take ages to be applied to your Q account (e.g. TalkTalk £55 phone & broadband rebate). First £5 per year is 'kept' by Q as 'admin etc costs'.
    Hope it works for you !

    Original Poster

    thanks all for the great advice!!!!! if your in the local tonite i will get da beers in...........


    I won't.
    I had to
    1. highlight your link.
    2. copy it.
    3. close the email.
    4. Paste the link.
    5. Click on ok.
    6 THEN after ALL THAT!!!!!!!!!!
    Find out what you wanted!
    How about giving a bloddy CLUE in your post?????

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