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Please anyone know where superdry is made please

Posted 29th Jun 2014
Hello has anyone on here got a superdry shirt could tell me where theres is made. I ordered a superdry mens shirt from the ebay shop superdry. Received it and it looks really cheap the material is like hard crispy, and it is made in india plus it is size medium and looks very small for medium. Wondering whether I should be returning for refund please anyone advise thanks.
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China i believe
Hi, I buy a lot of Superdry stuff including from eBay outlet store and can tell you they are genuine. Superdry are know for their sizes being on the small size on men's and women's clothes. Them do make Superdry items in a couple of places including India and Peru. Hope this helps
made in china ,India the usual foreign places, you need to go at least 1 size up with superdry
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thanks this shirt is india it is for my nephew gonna have to measure to see if it will fit him wish i had of gone 1 size up as large was £10 cheaper

I'm in XL and double XL wouldn't fit me.. be aware. Buy something better than Super Dry that you know will fit
According to other forums the following might be of use to you -
real superdry clothes have the stiching which is visible from the outside from the label , fakes do not have this !
Real Superdry products have a orange label on one of the sleeves.
The most obvious give away of a fake is that the label is not stitched into the back and does not leave a square on the outside. On the genuine Superdry, there is a small superdry label on the bottom of the sleeve, usually gray or black. On the fake you cannot see the stitching and there is no stitching that goes over in the the pocket. This is generally, and some of the fakes do have these qualities, but you can usually tell by the quality of the text and the price.
Some items are made in Cambodia
i wouldnt choose to buy superdry it is a present for my nephews birthday and this is what he wants so cant really go anywhere else thanks and cannot afford £55 for a shirt from the shop thanks for your comments will have a look about his label thing on sleeve
this shirt has no label on sleeves has one on the front button bit down and a square label to back of shirt stitching does not show from the back though
it sounds to me like you've purchased from Superdry eBay outlet. if this is the case then its genuine.
Just checked our wardrobe (between me and hubby we have a lot of superdry stuff, all bought from the high street store). Some stuff is made in India, some in Turkey. From what I found in our stuff it depends on the item:
India: Men's and women's shirts, chinos
Turkey: women's tops such as tshirts, hooded tops
Never bought from the eBay outket store, but from what I know of it, it is all genuine.
Hope this helps. :-)
The outlet store on ebay is genuine as I have had email conversations Superdry directly about it. It might be the style of the shirt OR just give it a wash and it will loosen up.

I wouldn't lose any sleep over your concerns, however in regards to sizing it does come up very small. I am a large in most clothing but for Superdry I am an XXL.
Thanks all i think the small will fit him as he is only small i have ironed it and it does look nice. Thanks just wanted to confirm I had not bought a dud.

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