Please be aware of HUKD scammer!!!! - Tom101

    The following seller has scammed people as seen on this thread…sa/
    He then tried selling his PSP slim on this thread…e=2
    Apparently payment was made - but then he got banned for multi-user accounts.…e=2
    He has now tried contacting me via PM and deal the SAME PSP SLIM with me - when asked to bring the offer to my thread he didnt reply. When asked about the multi-user, and why he had a ban, he didnt reply. He said "its against the rules, why would I do that?"

    Moderators please BAN this guy from HUKD as it is people like him that ruin the forum.



    he hasnt been banned, his alais has, stange he has no negs to warn others

    I'm suprised he hasn't been yet.
    Reported the thread just in case mods have missed something.

    Original Poster

    He was banned like 2 days ago, now hes unbanned.

    rangers2009 scammed me



    He was banned like 2 days ago, now hes unbanned.

    no his alias was banned, he was suspended, two dfferent things, again like i say feedback shows hes had 3 good sales, forward his pmas to a mod


    Could I please ask that you forward any relevant information & thread links to HUKD Admin via ']Contact Us' if it's concerning an agreed sale conducted on HUKD within the FS/T Rules.

    Also please leave relevant feedback for any completed sales - this is there as an independent guide for all members to refer to in future trades. Leaving honest feedback for any completed sale helps build up an actual trading profile for each member. Thanks.

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