Please can I ask for some help regarding an interview?

Found 26th Mar 2015
Evening all. I am requesting for any assistance to help guide me through an interview as a midday supervisor within a nursery which is up and coming very soon. I would greatly appreciate any tips or appropriate questioning i should do.
My interview skills are very rusty and i don't have much confidence.
Any replies will be very appreciated.
Many thanks.
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s.t.a.r.r..... google interviews and star if you can master it all jobs interviews are easy....
Prepare answers that last for about 30-60 seconds for common questions such as:-

Why do you want to work here?
Why this role?
How did you prepare for this interview?
A time you resolved a problem in a team environment?
Your strengths and weaknesses?
Greatest acheivements?

A good way to prepare for interviews is to list all your greatest achievements and then when you are asked an interview question, you can just remember a relevant example from your greatest achievements.

This youtube video explains how to answer the question 'tell me about yourself' effectively using the STAR method.…tro

The other videos from this youtuber are also very helpful.

Make sure you ask 3-4 questions at the end that show your interest in the role, such as.

What preparation could I undertake if I was offered the role?
How has "the company" directly impacted you?
How will this role effect rhe company in the short and long term?
When can I expect to hear back and what is the process going forward?

I would say good luck, but if you prepare enough you won't need luck.
Other than run through likely questions and prepare your answers remember that they want to give you the job.
As an interviewer myself I don't want to interview countless people, I want the next one to be the right one.
I was asked......
why do you think we need teacher assistants?
why do you think you are the right candidate?
what would you do if a child said something and the child chose you to speak to?

I asked how many children in each year group? plus you can look on the ofsted reports about the nursery and pick things from there as that gave me 2 questions to ask! then add one of your own and please write them all on a paper and read 1 by 1 out
You just need to be confident in what you can do and what you have to offer.

Think of it as promoting yourself - you want to paint a picture of yourself as the ideal person for that job.

You are what they are looking for, so all you have to do is tell them the qualities you have and how well you are able to do the things they want you to do.
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