Please can someone advise me on getting TV on my computer


    Thinking of getting this computer:…pc/

    but hope to be able to get freeview on it to watch TV. What is the best way to go about this? Ability to record TV etc would be good. Does anyone know of any good deals on pci cards or whatever you think I need?

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    my mate bought a pci card off ebay. I think it came with an ariel but cant remember exactly. Cost something like £15 and got good quality (probably 'cos of 15.4'' screen) freeview on his lappy.

    If u need any more info i can ask him if you want

    freeview ]TVCatchUp.

    I can't really name any specific item but just a few pointers to bear in mind...

    First things first, you need a good signal so you'll need a good aerial. What type and where to put it will depend on your location but DVB-T receivers often come with aerials that are only any good if you live under your local TV transmitter :roll:. A feed from your rooftop aerial would be ideal.

    Depending on your budget, you may consider getting a dual-tuner. This way you benefit from being able to record at least 2 channels at once (possibly more) or watch one and record another.

    I believe Vista Home Premium comes with Windows Media Centre which will let you watch and record. You should check your new device is compatible with Windows Vista (presuming you'll be keeping that or upgrading to Windows 7). Ideally the device will have BDA drivers which will let you use other (often better) software than what comes with it.

    Now is probably a good time to mention HD on Freeview. Although not available just yet (unless you're in a test area I think) ]HD is on its way, HD Freeview receivers will use DVB-T2 tuners which aren't available yet.
    Current DVB-T tuners will not be able to handle DVB-T2. So whatever you buy now will need to be replaced in the future IF you wish to receive HD on Freeview. SD channels shouldn't be affected.

    Good luck :thumbsup:

    All the freeview tuners I have used required a good strong signal and only worked through my home arial. They all worked well though so you shouldnt have any trouble with the one you pick.

    have you thought of a slingbox here - [url][/url]. connect into your network and your main tv/cable box and can view on any computer in the network. even on a computer in a different location
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